Prof. Arjen Meij

Visiting researcher

  • Department:
    Former Visiting Research Fellows
  • Section: Law of the European Union


Arjen Meij has served for twelve years as a Judge and Chamber President at the General Court of the European Union. Previously he was a Judge at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands and Judge and Vice-President at the Administrative High Court for Trade and Industry(College van Beroep voor het bedrijfsleven). Mr Meij was GJWiarda Visiting Professor of European public law at Utrecht University in 2009. Currently he is ‘Professeur invité’ for European Litigation at the University of Luxembourg. Meij is also Member of the Netherlands’ Civil Honours Advisory Committee.

As a Visiting Research Fellow he benefits from the academic environment of the Asser Instituut to work on various projects concerning issues of judicial protection in the EU, e.g. the impact on court procedures of EU accession to the ECHR, the organisation of the administration of justice in the General Court of the EU and the question of judicial control on pre-trial investigations of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office to be set up pursuant to Article 86 TFEU.

Recent publications include:

State Aid Cases in National Courts and the European Commission, in:
M.Kovacs, A-S. Vandenberghe(eds), Economic Evidence in EU Competition
Intersentia 2016, 239-248.

The Alleged Mechanical Nature of National Measures Does Not Call into
Question that National Decisions Constitute Implementing Measures under
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Estudios Politicos y Constitucionales, Madrid, 52(2015), 1019-1035.

Some explorations into the EPPO’s administrative structure and judicial
review, in: L.Erkelens, A.W.H. Meij, M.Pawlik, The European Public
Prosecutor: An Extended Arm or a Two-Headed Dragon?
, T.M.C.Asser Press
Den Haag, 2014.

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of the Law and Uncertainties of Economics?
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