Cleo Verkuijl LL.M.

Intern - trainee

  • Department:
    Former Interns
  • Section: Law of the European Union


Cleo started her internship in the Research Department of Asser on 25 September 2014. She worked for EEL.

Short introduction:

Cleo Verkuijl graduated cum laude from Amsterdam University College, where she studied International Relations and Law, and obtained with distinction her LL.M in Global Environment and Climate Change Law at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include international climate law, global food policy, and EU external affairs. She has worked as an intern and a consultant for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Brussels office and as a trainee at the Directorate-General for Climate Action of the European Commission. Cleo was born and raised in Zimbabwe and hopes to pursue a career in international sustainable development policy.