Cristina Reul LL.M.

Intern - trainee

  • Department:
    Former Interns
  • Section: Law of the European Union


I have completed a BA degree double-majoring in International Relations and Business Administration at the American University in Bulgaria. Having taken courses in international law and the history of EU Integration, I decided to take a further step and focus my attention on the EU. This led me eventually to pursue a degree in European Studies at KU Leuven where I followed the EU external relations track with an emphasis on EU law, the law of EU external relations, as well as the economics behind EU integration and the Common Commercial Policy (CCP).

I also followed an advanced master programme in International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at the College of Europe where I continued studying the law of EU external relations along with EU external representation. I also opted for CCP and the emerging EU foreign policy on energy. In spring 2015 I participated in the Word Congress organized by International Association for Political Science Students where I chaired the panel on EU diplomacy.

I am interested in several aspects of EU external relations: the interplay between international law and EU law, CCP, energy policy and law, cooperation between the public and private sector, EU external representation in IOs and third countries.