Dr. Enrico Partiti LL.M. MA


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Enrico Partiti pursued his doctoral studies at the University of Amsterdam. His dissertation was titled ‘Public play upon private standards. How European and international economic law enter into voluntary regimes for sustainability’. Enrico’s work lies at the intersection of EU and international law with regulatory strategies enacted by private actors in the domain of sustainability. In his PhD he discusses the potential of EU internal market law, EU competition law, and WTO law in the direct and indirect regulation of voluntary sustainability standards.

His research generally focuses on the regulatory role that private actors such as standard-setters and corporations are called on to play at the transnational stage, especially in the domain of sustainability and human rights. Enrico is particularly interested in the coordinating and directing mechanisms which can be employed by public authorities in the orchestration and steering  of private regulation, and which lead to aligning private with public interests. Recent research focuses on the concept of due diligence as regulatory strategy at the international level, and especially its operationalisation by different public and private means.

During his permanence at the UvA, Enrico was lecturer of the courses EU law, EU competition law, and guest lecturer in a number of other courses. He sits on the Board of the journal Legal Issues of Economic Integration. Enrico Partiti holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Turin (2009) and an Advanced LLM in International and European Economic Law from the University of Maastricht (2011), both with distinctions. He previously interned at the Italian Consulate General in Chicago.

Selected publications:

Enrico Partiti and Steffen van der Velde (2017) Curbing supply-chain human rights violations through trade and due diligence. Possible WTO concerns raised by the EU conflict minerals Regulation. Journal of World Trade 51(6) Forthcoming

Enrico Partiti (2017) Public Play upon Private Standards. How International and European Economic Law enter into Voluntary Regimes for Sustainability. Doctoral Dissertation defended on 20 April 2017

Enrico Partiti (2014) ‘Large-scale land acquisitions in Africa: A contractual approach’. In Nhamo, G., Chekwoti, C. (Eds.) Land grabs in a green African economy: Implications for trade, investment and development policies. Pretoria: HSRC Press, 78-106

Enrico Partiti (2013) The Appellate Body Report in US - Tuna II and its impact on eco-labelling and standardisation. Legal Issues of Economic Integration 40(1), 73-94