Liza Leimane BSc

Intern - trainee

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  • Section: Law of the European Union


Liza is a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, where she is currently pursuing an LLM in “Global Environmental and Climate Change Law”. Before that she obtained an honors BSc degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges with a major in Sustainability and a minor in Global Justice, from Leiden University College. Her bachelor’s thesis entitled “Market Mechanisms for Greenhouse Gas Emission Control: Carbon Tax versus Cap-and-Trade (examination of theory and four case studies)”, examined if the practice of market mechanisms for greenhouse gas control delivered the results as predicted by theory, and explored why or why not.

Her interests lie in the fields of international environmental law, European law, and international trade law. Specific areas include the climate change regime, energy law, and WTO law with regards to its interaction with environmental issues.