Dr. Rumyana Grozdanova

Visiting researcher

  • Department:
    Visiting research fellows
  • Section: Public International Law/International Humanitarian Law/International Criminal Law


Dr. Rumyana Grozdanova LL.M (UCD) Ph.D (Dunelm) is a Lecturer in Law in the University of Liverpool. Since she joined in September 2014, she has coordinated and lectured on two research-led optional Year 3 undergraduate courses and a core LL.M module on International Peace and Security. In addition, she has led small group teaching in the Year 1 Criminal Law and Legal Skills courses and Year 2 Law and Social Justice module. She has recently been nominated for the LawCareers.Net Lecturer of the Year Award.
Rumyana completed her PhD in Law degree in Durham Law School under the supervision of Prof Fiona de Londras and Prof Ian Leigh. Her thesis entitled – ‘Extraordinary Rendition: A Study of the ‘Gaps’ in the International Legal Framework’ – focused on whether the highly developed human rights law framework, including its absolute anti-torture norm, has developed in a manner that allowed for the operation of extraordinary rendition. While a doctorate student, she was Deputy Co-Convener of the Human Rights Centre in Durham Law School for a two-year term. In 2012, she won a prestigious visiting PhD Scholarship from the Australian National University under the auspices of Professor Hilary Charlesworth. In 2013, she won a highly competitive Ustinov College Global Citizenship and Leadership Scholarship. Her publications include ‘The United Kingdom and Diplomatic Assurances: A Minimalist Approach to the Anti-Torture Norm’ (2015) 15 (3) International Criminal Law Review 517 and ‘Terrorism’ – Too Elusive a Term for an International Legal Definition?’, (2014) 61 (3) Netherlands International Law Review 305. Her main interests lie in the relationship between human rights, international law, terrorism, counterterrorism and politics with particular emphasis on the relationship between the individual and the state in the context of counter-terrorism legislation.