Dr. Christina Eckes

Christina Eckes is Professor of European law at the University of Amsterdam and Director of the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG). Her particular research interests are the internal constitutional consequences of the European Union's external actions and the legal limits of European integration. In 2009, she published the monograph EU Counter-Terrorist Policies and Fundamental Rights - The Case of Individual Sanctions (Oxford University Press). She spent the academic year 2012/2013 as Emile Noël Fellow-in-residence at New York University.

Recent publications:

  • ‘Common Foreign and Security Policy: The Consequences of the Court’s Extended Jurisdiction’, European Law Journal 2016, forthcoming
  • ‘The Common Foreign and Security Policy and other EU policies: A Difference in Nature?’, 20(4) European Foreign Affairs Review 2015, 535-552
  • ‘The Reflexive Relationship between Internal and External Sovereignty’, 18(1) Irish Journal of European Law 2015, 33-47 (special issue, edited by Imelda Maher, available at: https://www.isel.ie/journal)
  • ‘How the European Parliament’s Participation in International Relations Affects the Deep Tissue of the EU’s Power Structures’, 12(4) International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON) 2014, 904-929
  • ‘EU Restrictive Measures Against Natural and Legal Persons: From Counter-Terrorist to Third Country Sanctions’, 51(3) Common Market Law Review 2014, 869-906
  • (with Stephan Hollenberg) ‘Reconciling Different Legal Spheres in Theory and Practice: Pluralism and Constitutionalism in the Cases of Al Jedda, Ahmed and Nada’, 20(2) Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 2013, 218-240
  • ‘Individuals in a Pluralist World: The Implications of Counter-Terrorist Sanctions’, Global Constitutionalism 2013, 218-236
  • ‘EU Accession to the ECHR: Between Autonomy and Adaptation’, 76(2) Modern Law Review 2013, 254-285