Dr. Jan Willem van Rossem

Dr Jan Willem van Rossem is an Assistant Professor in Constitutional Law at the University of Utrecht and Researcher at the Utrecht Centre of Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE). Amongst others, his research deals with the question of how and to what extent the attitude of the EU towards the international legal order can help explain and reinforce the organisation’s inner constitutional make-up. Van Rossem also specialises in the effect of treaties in national constitutional law. In 2015, Van Rossem was awarded the dissertation-prize by the Dutch Constitutional Law Association.

Recent publications:

  • (with O. Spijkers) ‘Rechtstreekse Werking van Internationale Verdragen: Een Hollands Probleem met een Amerikaanse of Franse Oplossing?', 177(3) RM Themis (2016), 136-152.
  • (with T. van den Brink) ‘Sovereignty, Stability and Solidarity: Conflicting and Converging Principles in EU Economic Governance’, in: T. van den Brink, M. Luchtman and M. Scholten (eds.), Sovereignty in the Shared Legal Order of the EU: Core Values of Regulation and Enforcement (Intersentia 2015), 117-142.
  • (with H. van Eijken) ‘Prisoner Disenfranchisement and the Right to Vote in Elections to the European Parliament: Universal Suffrage Key to Unlocking Political Citizenship?’, 12(1) European Constitutional Law Review (2016), 114-132.
  • ‘The Autonomy of EU Law: More is Less?’ in: R. A. Wessel and S. Blockmans (ed.) Between Autonomy and Dependence: The EU Legal Order Under the Influence of International Organisations (The Hague: Asser Press/Springer 2013).
  • 'The EU at Crossroads: A Constitutional Inquiry into the Way International Law is Received within the EU Legal Order’ in: E. Cannizzaro, P. Palchetti and R. A. Wessel (eds.), International Law as Law of the European Union (Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2011).
  • ‘Interaction between EU Law and International Law in the Light of Intertanko and Kadi: The Dilemma of Norms binding the Member States but Not the Community’, 40 Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2009, 183-227. (Also published as CLEER Working Paper 2009/4)
  • ‘Patrolling the Borders of the EU Legal Order: Constitutional Repercussions of the Kadi Judgment’, 5 Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy 2009, 93-119.