Dr. Jorrit Rijpma

Dr. Jorrit Rijpma is Associate Professor of European Law at Leiden Law School in the Netherlands. His research focuses on the institutional dimension of Justice and Home Affairs Cooperation. He wrote his PhD at the European University Institute in Florence on the Regulatory Framework for the Management of the External Borders. He conducted part of his research at Frontex in Warsaw. He is one of the directors of Leiden Law’s School Research Profile Area Interaction between Legal System, heading the research project on maritime security. In 2016, he wrote a study on the Proposal for a European Border and Coast Guard and co-authored a study on the Proposal for the introduction of an Entry-Exit System, both commissioned by the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee. He is a member of the standing committee of experts on international immigration, refugee and criminal law (Meijers Committee).

Recent publications:

  • (with T.A. Spijkerboer and M. den Heijer) ‘Coercion, Prohibition and Great Expectations: The Continuing Failure of the Common European Asylum System’, 53(3) Common Market Law Review 2016, 607-642
  • ‘It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To - 'Celebrating' Thirty Years of Schengen’, in: B. Steunenberg, W. Voermans and S. Van den Bogaert (eds.), Fit for the Future? Reflections from Leiden on the Functioning of the EU (The Hague: Eleven Publishing 2016), 147-170
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  • The Patrolling of the European Union’s External Maritime Border: Preventing the Rule of Law from Getting Lost at Sea. In: A. Del Vecchio (ed.), International Law of the Sea: Current Trends and Controversial Issues (The Hague: Eleven Publishing 2013), 77-99
  • The Third Pillar of the Maastricht Treaty: The Coming Out of Justice and Home Affairs. In: M. de Visser and A.P. van Mei (eds.), The Treaty on European Union 1993-2013: Reflections from Maastricht (Cambridge: Intersentia 2013), 269-288