Quality, Application and Enforcement of Legislation

The Quality, Application and Enforcement of Legislation training programme is characterised by interaction and a practical approach. The training is composed of three complementary elements. During lectures the theoretical part concerning instruments available to the government, the (im) possibilities of use thereof, the improvement of the quality of legislation, participation in legislative procedures and the application and enforcement thereof will be explained. The second, practical, component existing of study visits will show how in The Netherlands high quality legislation is devised, applied and enforced. Participants will visit Dutch organisations and institutions involved in the various stages of this process. These qualities are not yet fully developed in the target countries. The third component, the development and furthering of personal skills and competences by discussion and group activities, will complement the knowledge gained throughout the theoretical and practical part of the training.

The training programme will have a practical and interactive character. This is in line with the objective to share knowledge and strengthen the co-operation between the public servants and magistrates of the participating countries.

Training programme structure:

The programme will stimulate much participant interaction and is built around three balanced, mutually supportive and integrated components, namely:

  • Theory
  • Practical Skills
  • Study visits/Social programme

This training is intended for:
Senior civil servants, Public Prosecutors and Officers employed by the national Ministries of Justice/(semi) governmental organisations and charged with the development of new legislation and improving the quality of existing legislation, and/or with the organisation and supervision of the applicability and/or enforceability of legislation in their respective countries are invited to apply. This training on the quality, application and enforcement of legislation is thus intended for key figures in a position to apply and make sustainable the newly gained knowledge and insights in their respective organisations.

The maximum number of participants is 25. The total will represent a balance in the number of participants from the individual countries.

On completion of the training, participants will:

  • Have insight in actual developments that influence the field of adopting effective pieces of legislation;
  • Know how in the Netherlands and in the European Union legislative procedures ensure applicability and enforceability of legislation;
  • Be able to use the acquired knowledge and best practices as a source of inspiration for dealing with challenges related to the improving the applicability and enforceability of legislation in their own countries;
  • Be trained in the practical application of specific subjects and in a number of needed practical skills;
  • Have had the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences;
  • Have had the opportunity to create new professional cross-border networking relations.

Eligible countries:
Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

Training period:
12 – 22 April 2015

Application deadline:
15 February 2015

Please read the admission requirements carefully. Applicants who satisfy all of the requirements may proceed to complete the application form.


Programme Costs:
The Netherlands Government will provide full fellowships to selected participants. Each fellowship will cover the cost of international travel (economy), board and lodging, visa and insurance, tuition fees, lecture materials and excursions.

The Hague, the Netherlands

Training venue:
T.M.C. Asser Instituut
R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 20-22, 2517 JN The Hague

Hotel accommodation:
Hotel Court Garden, The Hague

Download more information

2015 Brochure Quality of Legislation.pdf