Advanced Summer Programme on Countering Terrorism within a Rule of Law Framework

The Advanced Summer Programme on Legal Aspects of Counter-Terrorism is co-organised by the TMC Asser Institute and the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT) and seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of countering terrorism within a rule of law framework.

In its resolution 2396 of 21 December 2017, the United Nations Security Council reaffirmed that ‘terrorism poses a threat to international peace and security and that countering this threat requires collective efforts on national, regional and international levels on the basis of respect for international law’, and that ‘States must ensure that any measures taken to counter terrorism comply with all their obligations under international law, in particular international human rights law, international refugee law, and international humanitarian law’.

This Advanced Summer Programme offers an in-depth look at the challenges that come with adopting and implementing counter-terrorism measures while ensuring respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. During an intensive week, experts from academia and practice will explore (international) legal aspects of counter-terrorism and provide key insights into current issues and best practices.

The programme covers a wide range of topics (including the definition of terrorism in international and domestic law, legal limits to military responses to terrorism, criminal justice responses to terrorism, evidentiary issues and other prosecutorial challenges, administrative and security measures), and comports various types of activities (including lectures, interactive sessions, study visits, group discussions, panel presentations).

This Summer Programme, which focuses on legal aspects countering terrorism, is preceded by a complementary Summer Programme on Preventing Violent Extremism: Towards a Networked Approach, co-organised by the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (Leiden University) and ICCT. Participants can choose to register for one or both of the programmes. If a participant chooses both programmes, he or she will receive a discount in the total fee.

Participants to this Summer Programme will:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the different legal challenges and underlying dilemmas when adopting and implementing counter-terrorism measures
  • Be provided with tools and best practices to effectively prevent and combat terrorism within a rule of law framework
  • Explore both theoretical and practical aspects of counter-terrorism with high-level speakers
  • Have unique networking opportunities with speakers and participants from diverse backgrounds.

Target Audience
This Summer Programme is designed for policy makers, policy/legal advisers, diplomats, security officials, and other practitioners in the field of counter-terrorism who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of legal aspects of counter-terrorism. Other professionals as well as (academic) researchers who wish to expand or update their knowledge of counter-terrorism within a rule of law framework are also invited to apply.

This established Summer Programme takes place since 2011 in The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice, at the TMC Asser Institute, Centre for International and European Law.