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Born in 1948 in Ankara.  Joined the corps of Turkish National Public Administrators at the Ministry of Interior in 1968 and worked till 1983 at the field as sub governor and at the Headquarters. Participated in the establishment activities of the National Environmental Undersecreteriat as the acting undersecretary between 1978-80. Employed by the UNICEF as the resident program officer with the capacity of heading the Ankara Office and representing UNICEF in Turkey between 1983-5. Assumed the task of municipal institutional development compo­nents at the Cukurova Urban Development Project of the IBRD between 1985-7. Provided consultancy services to several interna­tional organizations such as the Council of Europe, the OECD and the WHO and to several domestic institutions including industrial companies, municipalities and union of municipalities on environmental management, urban planning, urban management and institu­tional development in municipalities.
Chairman of the Environmental Special Advisory Committee for the 7th National Development Plan. Chairman of the National Structural Reform Committee on Environmental Management in Turkey.  Consultant to and the reporter of the President's State Inspectorates Council on the State Reform Project.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment between February 1998-2000. 
Now, teaching environmental courses (policies, management, planning, economics, green corporations and EU and Turkish environmental law) at several universities in Istanbul, Turkey.


B.A.  in Political Sciences, Ankara University in 1968.  MS in Planning (Urban and Regional Environment), University of Southern California, USA in 1976. M.PA in Public Administration, Universi­ty of Southern California, USA in 1976.  PhD in Political Sciences and Public Administration, Ankara University, in 1991. Assoc. Prof. In Public Administration - Urbanization and Environ­mental Problems, Turkish High Education Council, 1993.  Completed Sub-Governors Training Program in Turkey, Mid-Career Professional Training Program in USA, UNEP's Environmental Management Training Program in Italy. Also completed training programs on Environmental Auditing and ISO 14000 International Environmental Management Standards.

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About 100 articles have been published in several national and international refereed and editorial board directed periodicals.