The Yearbook of European Environmental Law, Volume 7, 2007

Thijs F.M. Etty and Han Somsen (eds.-in-chief), Oxford University Press 2007, 571 pp., £130,- (hardback; 25% discount with the flyer on the EEL website), ISBN 978-0-19-920275-1
This volume provides a comprehensive overview of current developments. It is divided into four parts: “Articles”, “Current survey”, “Reviews of books” and “Documents”. “Articles” are written by academics, practitioners and policy-makers and cover a wide range of timely and important issues. For instance, the compliance mechanism of the Aarhus convention is detailed and the first cases handled by the Convention’s Compliance Committee are elaborated on; in the face of climate change, the implications of the general prevention duty prescribed by Article 2 of the UNFCCC are analysed, and support systems for renewable energies in certain EU Member States are compared. “Current survey” gives an in-sight to the past years’ developments of the specific sectors of European environmental law. The “Documents” part contains critical assessments of recent Commission Communications, Reports and Working documents. Not only detailing Community actions but providing references to national measures, this book – like its predecessors - form an indispensable read for scholars, teachers, students, policy-makers and practitioners working on the field of European environmental law.

-      Svitlana Kravchenko: The Aarhus Convention and Innovations in Compliance with Multilateral Environmental Agreements
-      Nicolas de Sadeleer: The Birds, Habitats, and Environmental Liability Directives to the Rescue of Wildlife under Threat
-      Carl Dalhammar: Product and Life Cycle Issues in European Environmental Law: A Review of Recent Developments
-      Joanna Krzeminska: Are Support Schemes for Renewable Energies Compatible with Competition Objectives? An Assessment of National and Community Rules
-      Benjamin J. Richardson: Greening the Financial Sector: Legal Reforms in the European Union
-      Wienke Zwier: Export Credit Agencies and the Environment: Implications of the Aarhus Convention for Export Credit Agency Accountability
-      Roda Verheyen: The Climate Change Regime after Montreal: Article 2 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Revisited
-      Alexandra Gonzalez-Catalayud: Atmospheric Pollution
-      Michael Rodi and Michael Mehling: Energy
-      Thijs F. M Etty: Biotechnology
-      Candido Garcia Molyneux: Chemicals
-      Agustín García Ureta: Nature Conservation
-      Geert van Calster and Wim Vandenberghe: Waste
-      Mark Stallworthy: Water
-      Diane Ryland : Horizontal Instruments and Miscellaneous Issues
-      Nicola Notaro : Case Law of the European Court of Justice
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