European Environmental Law

The fourth edition of the standard work on European Environmental law, by Prof. Jan H. Jans & Prof. Hans H.B. Vedder, has been published. The book has been brought up to date to present new legislation, case law and literature as it stood on 1 September 2011. Particularly the new case law of the European Courts, recent environmental directives and regulations, as well as the new provisions of the Lisbon Treaty have been taken into account. The book takes a complete look at the principles and legal basis of European Environmental law as well as the interrelation of environmental law with other core fields of the European Union, such as the free movement of goods and competition. Also, the book considers a vast array of substantive European environmental law, integrating important decisions of the European Courts on their interpretation. The complete and profound legal analysis of manifold aspects of the environmental law of the EU makes this book an essential tool for both students, academics and legal professionals specializing in European environmental law.

The book is available at the publisher, European Law Publishing.