EU Environmental Law, Governance and Decision-Making (2nd edition)

Author: Prof. Maria Lee

Publisher: Hart Publishing, March 2014

Pages: 300

Over the last forty years, environmental protection has become an important part of political debate, and governments around the world have accepted responsibility for the environment. The EU has been part of this movement. It has developed a vast and diverse body of EU law addresses and enormous range of environmental matters. This book examines a number of areas of substantive EU environmental law, focusing on the striking preoccupation of EU environmental law with the structure of decision-making. It highlights the observation that environmental protection and environmental decision-making depend intimately on both detailed, specialized information about the physical state of the world, and on political judgments about values and priorities. It also explores the elaborate mechanisms that attempt to bring these distinctive decision-making resources into EU environmental law in areas including industrial pollution, chemicals regulation, environmental assessment and climate change.