Italian Legislation

  • “Antiblack-out” law decree Dl 239/2003 (In Italian)
    The “anti black-out” law decree (Dl 29 August 2003 n. 239) has been converted into the law no. 290 of October 27, 2003. Some modifications to the standard limits established with regard to air and water pollution have been introduced.
  • European Community Law Act (in Italian)
    The periodical European Community Law Act (Ddl 31 October 2003 n. 306) relating to the harmonization of Italian internal regulations with the EU legislation, has been adopted by the Italian Parliament on October 23, 2003. The document refers also to environmental law, in particular to noise pollution, EIA and IPPC, as well as to the Emission Allowance Trading Directive (2002/87/EC) recently adopted by the European Commission.
  • Water pollution, Ministerial Decree 13 October 2003 n. 305 (in Italian)
    Decree of the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure (DM 13 October 2003 n. 305) for the transposition into national legislation of Directive 2001/106/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 December 2001 amending Council Directive 95/21/EC concerning the enforcement, in respect of shipping using Community ports and sailing in the waters under the jurisdiction of the Member States, of international standards for ship safety, pollution prevention and shipboard living and working conditions (port State control).
  • Waste, The 2003 Waste Report – Ministry of Environment (in Italian)
    The report confirms that the amount of municipal waste recycled in Italy in 2001 has increased by 3%, while landfill waste decreased by 5%.
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