Croatian Environmental Law - Legislation

Official Gazette (in Croatian)
The constitution:
Article 3: "Freedom, equal rights, national equality and equality of genders, love of peace, social justice, respect for human rights, inviolability of ownership, conservation of nature and the environment, the rule of law, and a democratic multiparty system are the highest values of the constitutional order of the Republic of Croatia and the ground for interpretation of the Constitution."
Article 69:
(1) Everyone shall have the right to a healthy life.
(2) The State shall ensure conditions for a healthy environment.
(3) Everyone shall be bound, within their powers and activities, to pay special attention to the protection of public health, nature and environment.
Legislation in the field of environmental protection, physical planning and construction (in Croatian)
Poslovni forum  - overview of legislation in the field of environmental protection and nature (in Croatian)