1. The constitution of the republic of Cyprus
  2. The constitution of Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus:
    Article 38: Protection of Foreshores
    (1) The foreshores are under the ownership and possessions of the State and may be used only in the public interest.
    (2) Outside municipal boundaries, only structures belonging to the State which are very essential and in the public interest, may be erected within the area of the coastal strip of one hundred metres width. Provided that such structures shall not be of a nature spoiling the natural beauty of the shores.
    The future position of the existing buildings and structures shall be regulated by law.
    (3) The protection of foreshores within municipal boundaries and the position of the buildings and structures to be erected in future and of the existing ones within the area of the coastal strip of one hundred metres width, shall be regulated by law in accordance with the requirements of public interest and town planning.
    (4) The entry of citizens into the area of the coastal strip of one hundred metres width cannot be prevented by any one or be subjected to any entrance fee unless restrictions have been imposed by law for the, purpose of safeguarding nationa1 security, public order, public interest, general health and the protection of the environment:
    Provided that this provision shall not be interpreted as rendering possible the infringement upon property rights.
    Article 40: Protection of the Environment
    (1) Every person has the right to live in a healthy and balanced environment.
    (2) No real or legal person shall drain or dump into the sea or into any dam, lake or river, for any purpose whatsoever, any liquid, gas or Solid matter which is of such a nature as to cause harm to human health or to endanger marine life and resources.
    (3) It shall be the duty of the State, and of the real and legal persons to develop the environment, to protect environmental health and to prevent pollution of the environment.
    (4) The State shall take the necessary measures for the establishment of national parks