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Himmelmann, Steffen et al.: Handbuch des Umweltrechts (Munich: C.H. Beck, 1994-) (looseleaf)
A continually updated volume with entries on all relevant areas of German environmental law.

Kimminich, Otto (ed.): Handwörterbuch des Umweltrechts, 2nd ed. (HdUR) (Berlin: Erich Schmidt, 1996)
Reference manual with alphabetical entries on international, European and German environmental law and interdisciplinary aspects. 

Rengeling, Hans-Werner (ed.): Handbuch zum europäischen und deutschen Umweltrecht (EUDUR): eine systematische Darstellung des europäischen Umweltrechts mit seinen Auswirkungen auf das deutsche Recht und mit rechtspolitischen Perspektiven, 2nd ed., 3 vols. (Cologne: Heymann, 2003)
A massive collaborative effort spanning three volumes of more than a thousand pages each. Contains comprehensive chapters on all topics relating to environmental law in Europe and Germany, including overviews to general aspects such as environmental ethics, natural resource economics or the selection of regulatory instruments, introductory articles on general principles and constitutional precepts of environmental law, and sectoral chapters on all pertinent areas of environmental law.
German Environmental Law

Hoppe, Werner et al.: Umweltrecht, 3rd ed. (Munich: Beck, 2000)
A solid introduction to the main areas of German environmental law, with brief overviews of international and European connections, written for academics and practitioners.
Kloepfer, Michael: Umweltrecht, 3rd ed. (Munich, Beck, 2004)
A comprehensive textbook by one of the leading scholars on environmental law in Germany. Michael Kloepfer is a professor at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Considered by many to be the standard reference book. Contains chapters on historical origins, methodological foundations and linkages to other academic disciplines, detailed chapters on general and sectoral aspects of environmental law, and chapters on international and European Community environmental law.
Koch, Hans-Joachim (ed.): Umweltrecht (Neuwied: Luchterhand, 2002)
A newer collection of articles on general and sectoral aspects of environmental law by different authors. The editor is a professor of environmental law at the University of Hamburg and chairman of the German Advisory Council on the Environment.
Schmidt, Reiner: Einführung in das Umweltrecht, 6th ed. (Munich: Beck, 2001)
A popular introductory textbook on German environmental law for students, with numerous cases and examples. Reiner Schmidt is professor emeritus at the University of Augsburg.
Sparwasser, Reinhard et al.: Umweltrecht, 5th ed. (Heidelberg: C.F. Müller, 2003)
A comprehensive textbook for both students and practitioners, with a focus on the traditional core issues of environmental law.
Storm, Peter Christoph: Umweltrecht: Einführung, 8th ed. (Berlin: Erich Schmidt, 2005)
A long-standing introduction to German environmental law by one of the veterans in the field. Peter Christoph Storm teaches at the University of Tübingen.
European Environmental Law

Dietrich, Björn et al.: Umweltrecht der Europäischen Gemeinschaften (Berlin: Ericht Schmidt, 2003)
Introductory textbook compiled by young researchers and practitioners, with understandable chapters on general and sectoral aspects of European Community environmental law, including an overview of the factual and scientific background leading to a regulatory response.
Frenz, Walter: Europäisches Umweltrecht (Munich: Beck, 1997)
A solid introduction to environmental law in the European Community, covering general and sectoral aspects. Walter Frenz is a professor at the RWTH Aachen.
Epiney, Astrid: Umweltrecht in der Europäischen Union, 2nd ed. (Cologne: Heymanns, 2005)
An updated introduction to European Union environmental law by one of the leading authors in the field.