• Dutch Environmental Links (Environmental themes, Organizations, Legislation, Government)
  • Postbus 51 (General information of the Dutch Government)
  • Milieuafdeling Arrondissementsparket Alkmaar (Environmental Department of the District Court Alkmaar), with among other things an archive of penal and administrative cases, articles and legislation (in Dutch)
  • Raad voor Rechtsbijstand Arnhem Arnhem Council for Legal Aid. Includes legislation and case-law on Dutch Legal Aid (in Dutch)
  • Overheid.nl. Official publications (in Dutch)
  • Structurele Evaluatie Milieuwetgeving (STEM), structural evaluation of Dutch environmental legislation with amongst other things reports on guidelines and on dealing with uncertainty (in Dutch)
  • Milieukennisnet (Dutch environmental legislation and case law website)
  • Emissiechten.nl (Dutch website on emission allowance trading)