Nature & Agriculture

  • Act relating to forestry (Forestry Act) 
    Published on 27 May 2005 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
  • The Land Act.
    Published on 12 May 1995 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
    "The purpose of this Act is to provide suitable conditions to ensure that the land areas in the country including forests and mountains and everything pertaining thereto (land resources) may be used in the manner that is most beneficial to society and to those working in the agricultural sector" (section 1 of Act No. 23 of 12 May 1995 relating to Land).

  • The Gene Technology Act
    Published on 2 April 1993 by the Ministry of Environment.
    "The purpose of this Act is to ensure that the production and use of genetically modified organisms and the production of cloned animals take place in an ethically justifiable and socially acceptable manner, in accordance with the principle of sustainable development and without adverse effects on health and the environment." (Paragraph 1 of teh Act of 2 April 1993 No. 38 with subsequent amendments, most recently by Act of June 2005 No. 79).