Nature and Biodiversity

Law on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity. (nyp) This new law is part of the Government’s policy to reinforce the protection of biodiversity in Spain. It transposes the recommendations of the CBD and the Habitats and Wild Bird Directives and replaces the provisions of the former Law on the conservation on natural areas (Law 4/1989). Its provisions declare environmental protection more important than urban planning and urban development, and therefore, it will be forbidden to determine any urban planning in areas where wild fauna and flora are susceptible of being significantly damaged. Other provisions are those related to the principle of sustainable use of natural resources and the extension of the precautionary principle to all natural habitats even if they are not considered protected sites.

Law 5/2007 establishing a Network of National Parks

Law 4/1989 on the conservation of natural areas and flora and fauna wildlife

NATURA 2000 legislation