List of Books

This is the bibliography of T.M.C. Asser Press on the following subjects: European Law

Book Title Author(s), Editor(s) Date Published ISBN Language
Frontcover Weatherill European Sports Law - Collected Papers, 2nd edition Weatherill , Stephen 2014 978-90-6704-938-2 English
Frontcover Neergaard Social Services of General Interest in the EU Neergaard, Ulla 2013 978-90-6704-875-0 English
Tutuianu frontcover Towards Global Justice: Sovereignty in an Interdependent World Ţuţuianu, Simona 2013 978-90-6704-890-3 English
Frontcover LA Tullio Treves International Courts and the Development of International Law - Essays in Honour of Tullio Treves Boschiero, Nerina 2013 978-90-6704-893-4 English
Wessel Blockmans frontcover Between Autonomy and Dependence - The EU Legal Order under the Influence of International Organisations Wessel, Ramses A. 2013 978-90-6704-902-3 English
Frontcover Financing Financing Services of General Economic Interest - Reform and Modernization Szyszczak, Erika 2013 978-90-6704-905-4 English
Cover EIR 2013 Elementair Internationaal Recht 2013 / Elementary International Law 2013 T.M.C. Asser Instituut in overleg met de Nederlandse Universiteiten, 2013 978-90-6704-344-1 Dutch/English
Murray frontcover EU and Member State territories: a new legal framework under the EU Treaties Murray, Fiona 2012 978-90-6704-825-5 English
Cover Stelkens Weiss The Implementation of the EU Services Directive - Transposition, Problems and Strategies Stelkens, Ulrich 2012 978-90-6704-839-2 English
Cover Capita Selecta Introduction to International and European Sports Law - Capita Selecta Siekmann, Robert C.R. 2012 978-90-6704-851-4 English