List of Books

This is the bibliography of T.M.C. Asser Press on the following subjects: Environmental Law

Book Title Author(s), Editor(s) Date Published ISBN Language
Frontcover NYIL vol 44 2013 Netherlands Yearbook of International Law - Volume 44, 2013 - Crisis and International Law: Decoy or Catalyst? Bulterman, Mielle K. 08-2014 978-94-6265-010-7 English
Frontcover LA Tullio Treves International Courts and the Development of International Law - Essays in Honour of Tullio Treves Boschiero, Nerina 2013 978-90-6704-893-4 English
Frontcover IDRL International Disaster Response Law De Guttry, Andrea 2012 978-90-6704-881-1 English
Massai frontcover The Kyoto Protocol in the EU - European Community and Member States under International and European Law Massai , Leonardo 2011 978-90-6704-323-6 English
Douma Mucklow Frontcover Environmental Finance and Socially Responsible Business in Russia - Legal and Practical Trends Douma, Wybe Th. 2010 978-90-6704-330-4 English
PCA Summaries Frontcover Permanent Court of Arbitration - Summaries of Awards 1999–2009 Macmahon, Belinda 2010 978-90-6704-319-9 English
Bantekas frontcover Trust Funds under International Law - Trustee obligations of the United Nations and International Development Banks Bantekas, Ilias 2009 978-90-6704-306-9 English
Ott Vos frontcover Fifty Years of European Integration: Foundations and Perspectives Ott, Andrea 2009 978-90-6704-254-3 English
OSPAR frontcover The OSPAR Arbitration (Ireland – United Kingdom) Award of 2003 Macmahon, Belinda 2009 978-90-6704-295-6 English/French
OPCW 2nd frontcover OPCW: The Legal Texts - 2nd Edition Woolomes Tabassi , Lisa 2009 978-90-6704-318-2 English