List of Books

This is the bibliography of T.M.C. Asser Press on the following subjects: Private International Law

Book Title Author(s), Editor(s) Date Published ISBN Language
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Sport Image Rights frontcover Sports Image Rights in Europe Blackshaw , Ian 2005 978-90-6704-195-9 English
Hague Legal Capital frontcover The Hague: Legal Capital of the World Krieken, Peter J. van 2005 978-90-6704-185-0 English
Co-actorship frontcover Co-actorship in the Development of European Law-Making - The Quality of European Legislation and its Implementation and Application in the National Legal Order Hirsch Ballin, Ernst M.H. 2005 978-90-6704-184-3 English
Netherlands Yearbook of International Law - Volume 34, 2003 Blokker, Niels 2004 978-90-6704-188-1 English
Netherlands Yearbook of International Law - Volume 33, 2002 Blokker, Niels 2004 978-90-6704-170-6 English
Intercontinental Cooperation Through Private International Law - Essays in Memory of Peter E. Nygh Einhorn, Talia 2004 978-90-6704-178-2 English
HJC6 frontcover From Government to Governance - The Growing Impact of Non-State Actors on the International and European Legal System - 2003 Hague Joint Conference on Contemporary Issues of International Law Heere, W.P. 2004 978-90-6704-177-5 English
Pontier Burg frontcover EU Principles on Jurisdiction and Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters according to the case law of the European Court of Justice Pontier, Jannet A. 2004 978-90-6704-173-7 English