List of Books

This is the bibliography of T.M.C. Asser Press on the following subjects: Private International Law

Book Title Author(s), Editor(s) Date Published ISBN Language
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IT & Law 3 frontcover Protecting the Virtual Commons - Self-Organizing Open Source and Free Software Communities and Innovative Intellectual Property Regimes Wendel de Joode, R. van 2003 978-90-6704-159-1 English
Spontaneous Order, Organization and the Law - Roads to a European Civil Society - Liber Amicorum Ernst-Joachim Mestmaecker Einhorn, Talia 2003 978-90-6704-163-8 English
NVIR 127 frontcover Mededelingen van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Internationaal Recht - Nr. 127 - Preadviezen: Volkenrecht en Duurzame Ontwikkeling Schrijver, N.J. 2003 978-90-6704-160-7 Dutch
Netherlands Yearbook of International Law - Volume 32, 2001 Blokker, Niels 2002 978-90-6704-155-3 English
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Private Law in the International Arena - From National Conflict Rules Towards Harmonization and Unification - Liber Amicorum Kurt Siehr Basedow, J├╝rgen 2000 978-90-6704-124-9 English