List of Books

This is the bibliography of T.M.C. Asser Press on the following subjects: Private International Law

Book Title Author(s), Editor(s) Date Published ISBN Language
IT & Law 8 frontcover Unravelling the Myth around Open Source Licences - An Analysis from a Dutch and European Law Perspective Guibault , Lucie 2006 978-90-6704-214-7 English
IT&Law 18 frontcover Universities and Copyright Collecting Societies Mendis , Dinusha Kishani 2009 978-90-6704-298-7 English
IT&Law 17 frontcover Trustmarks in E-Commerce - The Value of Web Seals and the Liability of their Providers Balboni , Paolo 2009 978-90-6704-296-3 English
Rijgersberg Frontcover The State of Interdependence - Globalization, Internet and Constitutional Governance Rijgersberg , Rudolf W. 2010 978-90-6704-331-1 English
Frontcover Kiestra The Impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on Private International Law Kiestra, Louwrens 09-2014 978-94-6265-031-2 English
Hague Legal Capital frontcover The Hague: Legal Capital of the World Krieken, Peter J. van 2005 978-90-6704-185-0 English
Rosenne frontcover The Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907 and International Arbitration - Reports and Documents Rosenne, Shabtai 2001 978-90-6704-134-8 English
Baarsma frontcover The Europeanisation of International Family Law Baarsma, N.A. 2011 978-90-6704-742-5 English
Masson Matthee frontcover The Codex Alimentarius Commission and Its Standards Masson-Matthee , Mariƫlle D. 2007 978-90-6704-256-7 English
PCA 2 Frontcover The Bank for International Settlements Arbitration Awards of 2002 and 2003 Macmahon, Belinda 2007 978-90-6704-234-5 English/French