Dr. Geoff Gordon

Senior researcher

  • Department:
    Research Department
  • Main field of interest: International dispute settlement International legal theory Law and society studies Transnational legal relations



Geoff holds a JD from Columbia Law School (2001), where he served as staff editor for the Columbia Human Rights Law Review, and a PhD in public international law from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2013). Following Columbia, Geoff clerked for the Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis in US Federal District Court in New York, and worked thereafter as a litigator for Cahill, Gordon and Reindel. After moving to the Netherlands, he worked briefly with Clifford Chance in Amsterdam, before beginning his PhD work at the Vrije Universiteit. At the Vrije Universiteit, among other things, he was a co-director of the interdisciplinary LLM program, Law & Politics of International Security, a pioneering program combining the studies of international law and international relations in the area of international security, and served briefly as co-director of the Centre for European Legal Studies. During his tenure at the VU, he developed two unique seminars: Politics of International Law, and Transnational Law in Theory and Practice. His PhD, a mixed inquiry of public international law and political theory, was entitled Innate cosmopolitanism: Mapping a latent theory of world norms in international law, conducting a comparison and critical examination of cosmopolitan terms in international legal discourse, focusing on liberal cosmopolitanism alongside naturalist and constitutional cosmopolitan conceptions. Since completing his dissertation, he has written on foundational topics such as universalism and natural law, as well as peculiar questions of transnational legal relations. Throughout his work, he has maintained a consistent focus on the opinions and practices of international courts and tribunals. Geoff is currently an editor for the International Legal Theory section of the Leiden Journal of International Law.

Selected Publications:

* ‘Railway clocks: Temporal bases of transnational law’, in Jessie Hohmann and Daniel Joyce, eds., International Law's Objects: Emergence, Encounter and Erasure (OUP, 2017) [forthcoming]

* ‘Universalism’, in Jean d’Aspremont and Sahib Singh, eds., Fundamental Concepts for International Law: The Construction of a Discipline (Edward Elgar, 2017) [forthcoming].

* ‘Natural Law in International Legal Theory: Linear and Dialectical Presentations’, in Florian Hoffmann and Anne Orford, eds., The Oxford Handbook of the Theory of International Law (OUP, 2016).

* ‘Kant, Cosmopolitanism, and International Law’, in Florian Hoffmann and Anne Orford, eds., The Oxford Handbook of the Theory of International Law (OUP, 2016), coauthored with Wouter Werner.

* ‘Judging in the Name of Humanity: International Criminal Tribunals and the Representation of a Global Public’, 13(1) Journal of International Criminal Justice (2015), coauthored with Luigi Corrias.

* ‘Innate Cosmopolitan Dialectics at the ICJ: Changing perceptions of international community, the role of the Court, and the legacy of Judge Álvarez’, 27(2) Leiden Journal of International Law (2014).

* ‘Legal Equality and Innate Cosmopolitanism in Contemporary Discourses of International Law’, 43 Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 183 (2013).