The Global City: Challenges, Trust and the Role of Law

Trust is vital to society and trusting relations are vital to social cohesion and healthy and thriving communities, both at a global and a local level. While trust is a notion that relates in many ways tot the function of law in a society, it is not a common word in legal research. It is, however, used frequently to describe contemporary societal challenges.

One locus of social challenges where trust - or the looming lack of it – plays a pivotal role is the ‘global city’. Throughout the ages, world cities or ‘global cities’ as they are currently called in the literature, are in the forefront of trust-related challenges. In global cities with their great diversity of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, religions, and lifestyles, ‘how to live together?’ and how to create an urban culture of respect and trust?’ are perennial questions. The questions have a legal dimension as well: ‘what role can law play in the cultivation of such a culture?’

The Asser Institute appointed four PhD students that deal with this development. The name of the project: "The Global City: Challenges, Trust and the Role of Law. It consists of four individual PhD studies. The first pair of PhD researches will explore seventeenth-century Amsterdam’s intellectual history. That is, the early modern Portuguese Jewish body of social-political and legal thought on diversity, identity, and global trade relations as found in the holding of Ets Haim/Livraria Montezinos, as well as some related other collections, such as the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana at the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam. The second pair of PhD researchers will deal with the role of (human rights) law in the global city’s approach to urgent social challenges of the twenty-first century: The project, that will take four years, is made possible by a grant of the Gieskes Strijbis Fonds.

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The following researchers are working on the project ‘The Global City: Challenges, Trust and the Role of Law’: