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The Asser International Sports Law Blog welcomes guest contributions. Before submitting a contribution, please make sure it is written in accordance with our Guidelines.

We welcome contributions on the legal aspects of sports. In principle, all contributions should be original, i.e. they should not have been published elsewhere prior to submission. Most of our published blogs are on one of the following topics:

  • European competition law and sports

  • EU internal market law and sports

  • Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in international sports (e.g. CAS, FIFA DRC Proceedings)

  • Anti-doping rules and proceedings (WADA, WADC etc.)

  • Labour law in sports

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. The editors will consider contributions on other international sports law-related subjects.


All blog submissions are to be between 1500 and 3000 words. Blog submissions that are longer than 3000 words can be divided in two or more separate blogs, subject to the editors’ approval.

Language requirements

All blog submissions are to be written in English. We advise all non-native English contributors to have their contributions proofread by an English native speaker prior to submission.

Reference requirements

References to book, book chapters or academic articles should be made using footnotes.

References to legislation, rulings, reports, press articles or blogs available online should be made preferably in the text using hyperlinks. 

Image requirements

Authors may include images in their submission. Please note that all images have to be properly attributed with a link to the original author/website. The author of the contribution bears the responsibility of any copyright infringement. All images are to be attached separately in JPEG format.

Our editorial policies

All contributions will be reviewed by one or more editors of the Asser International Sports Law Blog. The editors retain the right to reject submissions.

How to submit

All submissions to the Asser International Sports Law Blog should be made electronically, in MS Word (no PDF’s), e-mailed as an attachment to Antoine Duval ( and Oskar van Maren ( A brief author’s biography of no more than five sentences is also required.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions on the contribution requirements, please contact Antoine Duval ( or Oskar van Maren (