Ella Limbach LL.M.

Intern - trainee

  • Department:
  • Research strand: Transnational public interests: constituting public interest beyond and below the state
  • Main fields of interest: International Human Rights Law International Sports Law


Ella is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Sport Development and Politics at the German Sport University Cologne. Her interests include International Human Rights Law, Athlete’s Rights, Labour Rights in Sport and the intersection between Gender, Human Rights and Sport. Previously, she graduated from Utrecht University with a LL.M in Public International Law with a specialization in International Human Rights Law. Her master’s thesis examined the practice regarding employment contracts in women’s football competitions through the lens of human rights and specifically the concept of sex-equality. During her studies Ella gathered practical experience in both Human Rights and Sport. She interned at the Human Rights Organization FIAN (Food First Information and Action Network) and was a Key Volunteer at the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.