Níamh Frame

Intern - trainee

  • Department:
  • Research strand: In the public interest: accountability of the state and the prosecution of crimes
  • Main fields of interest: Counter-Terrorism Gender Studies International Human Rights Law International Humanitarian Law International Relations


Níamh graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2020 with an LL.B (Hons) in Scots Law with French Language. In the final year of her Bachelor, she studied International Criminal Law and gained appreciation for international law more generally. This led to her pursuing an LL.M in Advanced Studies Public International Law with a specialisation in Peace, Justice and Development at Leiden University, from which she graduated in August 2022. Níamh’s Master thesis focused on the implications of increasing use of the cyber domain on the protection of state sovereignty, criticising the existing framework and offering realistic constructive suggestions to implement further protective measures. She has interests in international security, the impacts of new technology on international law and migration and defence policy.