Move to Alexanderstraat 20-22

In the late sixties the office at the Anna Paulownastraat proved too small. Even with the makeshift wooden building placed in the garden in 1968, it was impossible to accommodate the increasing number of staff of the Institute. On 1 September 1970, the T.M.C. Instituut had 29 people employed: 17 academics including two temporary student-assistants, and 12 administrative staff.

In 1969, the Board of the Institute appointed a Commission of Housing, consisting of the Chairman and deputy Chairman of the Board, the Director and the Executive Secretary of the Institute. After careful consideration the adjoining premises Alexanderstraat 20-22 were acquired. In the 1970 Annual Report, the director expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Education and Science for having made it possible to acquire the new property. The Ministry paid the acquisition costs of the new premises of 800.000, -- Dutch guilders (360.000 euros) outside the budget of the Institute. The old building was transferred to the Ministry. In 1972, the Academische Raad [Academic Council] moved in.

The Institute moved to Alexanderstraat 20–22 in The Hague on 17 August 1970. 


Alexanderstraat 20–22 (Photo: V.P. Verkruissen)