Guest researchers in the T.M.C. Asser Instituut

The Asser Visiting Researchers Programme (AVRP), formerly known as the Asser Research Fellowship Programme (ARFP), enables academics and practitioners in international and European law to stay at the Asser Institute for some three to six months to conduct personal research activities. The Institute, being a stimulating environment in the City of Peace and Justice, has an immense network and, being situated in the international quarter, facilitates easy access to the variety of international organisations.

Over the years some 50 scholars originating from about 30 different countries have participated in this scheme, thus bringing new and innovative research topics and approaches to the Institute whilst benefiting from an environment where academic discussion and the valorisation of the results of research is considered a given. Visitors are invited to participate in the day-to-day discussion as well as in the carrying out of projects relevant to their field of expertise.

The standing invitation to visit the Institute has resulted in a variety of participants: national and international university staff benefitting from a sabbatical, a multitude of PhD candidates looking for a quiet place to finalise their writing and a large number of experts visiting The Hague to brush up their knowledge and broaden their network as well as scholars wishing to collaborate with Asser experts in their own right.

(see also ACE, 1989 and ADP, 1996)

This article, taken from the Dutch daily newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, tells the story why lawyers, students and law researchers from every corner of the globe come to The Hague.The four people on the picture came from the Netherlands, Tunisia, New Zealand and Italy. They all stayed with the Institute for a period to do research on their respective subjects and since then have moved on to other parts of the world. Since The Hague is also known first as Legal Capital of the World, later City of Peace and Justice they come to further their knowledge on such subjects as international humanitarian law and international criminal law.

Visiting researchers