Developments with respect to Internal and external communication

In view of an ever growing need of communication and transparency and in support of various networking activities the T.M.C. Asser Instituut developed, implemented and continuously updated its communications policies.

When in 1996 the T.M.C. Asser Instituut launched its first website the Institute was one of the early adapters of the new technology to reach out to its stakeholders, public and clients. An ever growing need for improved communication and a diversified, pro-active dissemination of information inspired staff of the institute to rethink its communication strategies at the start of the new century.

As a first result of this policy on 1 February 2001 the first issue of Asser InForm was disseminated among the Institute’s staff. This internal news bulletin was to be published 10 times a year and contain summaries of the Management Team’s meetings and other official information. It also contained current events and information on developments within the Institute. After the introduction of an intranet environment Asser Inform was gradually discontinued because most of the information to be published in the bulletin could be found on the Institute’s intranet.

In 2002 the new Asser Newsletter was launched thus providing information to external relations. Asser Today, introduced in 2009, replaced the initial paper version of the newsletter, making use of modern means of electronic communication to reach out to a bigger audience.

Asser Inform No.1                                    
Asser Today 1 January 2009
Asser Newsletter                                                                   
Asser Today No.2/2014

Nowadays the Institute has a number of external electronic newsletters, such as weekly Asser news, bimonthly Asser Today Newsletter, Cleer news service (weekly) and Cleer newsletter (quarterly) and the newsletters on international and European Sports Law, International Humanitarian Law, European Environmental Law and those from Asser Press.

The modernised communications strategy brought about the intensified use of social media like Facebook and Twitter to share up-to-date information with those interested in the Institute’s goings on. The latest addition to this set of means was the introduction in 2014 of the blog on International and European Sports law.

The year 2015 will see yet another way to reach out to the great variety of persons and organisations we collaborate with. The launch of www.asser.academy (replacing asserversity) as the main environment to interact with the many stakeholders, alumni and participants to our trainings will give another boost to our wish to involve more and more persons in our work.