50 years of existence of the T.M.C. Asser Instituut proves to be the start of a new era

The year 2014 has proven to be a very important year in the Institute’s existence.

During this year Professor Michiel Scheltema, President of the Governing Board since 1998, stepped down after successfully concluding a process of transition. Although a new governing structure has been put in place as a result of a fundamental change of the Institute’s statutes, the fundamental identity of an inter-university institute remained in place.

Over the years the tasks and goals of the Institute have changed, taking into account the numerous opportunities, possibilities, challenges and needs presented to its staff members and stakeholders. Nowadays (fundamental and applied) research, knowledge dissemination and valorisation, networking and serving stakeholders and the wider community involved in the area of international and European law as a platform for exchange and discussion have taken the main stage.

A multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and international group of some 50 staff members is committed to achieve the set goals based on the Institute’s academic values taking into account and responding to the demands of its target groups and clients.

Preceding the start of the festivities with which we celebrate 50 years of successful activities, the Foundation T.M.C. Asser Instituut received new, modernised statutes. These new statutes and the new governance structure prepare the Institute for a new way forward in line with its inter-university origins yet better equipped for an ever changing and more demanding future.

The new governing board, chaired by Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin (see also 1978), furthermore comprises two Deans of faculties of law as non-executive members and the two directors of the Institute. The inclusion of the University of Amsterdam’s Dean recognises the long standing commitment of this University whereas the Dean of the Erasmus School of Law ensures representation of the other Dutch law faculties.