Asser Researcher participates in Treaty Negotiations with Turkey and Morocco

Published 16 April 2015

Through their secondments and twinning projects in various countries, Asser researchers are able to apply their knowledge in practice. As part of such applied research work, they are helping out ministries, parliaments and other institutions dealing with EU approximation challenges or other international legal questions. In The Hague, several Asser researchers have also been seconded to Dutch ministries to work on a wide range of international and European law tasks. Over the last six months, Asser Senior Researcher Wybe Douma carried out such secondment work. Inter alia, he provided legal input to Dutch treaty negotiations with Turkey and Morocco. The latter talks were headed by the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Lodewijk Asscher. Dr Douma was also part of the Dutch teams supporting the position of the Netherlands in several cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxemburg, notably one concerning the Dutch civic integration examination in the light of the EU Directive 2003/86 on the right to family reunification. Furthermore, input was provided on dossiers such as the new act on Dutch language requirements as a condition to receive social support, adapting social benefits levels to the costs of living in the country of residence, and Japanese carpenters not needing a work permit in the Netherlands.