Combating Terrorism with the Tools of Law. Process of Reflection on an International Court against Terrorism

Published 23 November 2015

On 17 November 2015 the T.M.C. Asser Instituut hosted a lecture given by a representative of the Romanian State, and a representative of the Spanish State. The lecture focused on the possible establishment of an International Court against Terrorism, which is a joint initiative taken precisely by Romania and Spain. The lecture addressed the main challenges and problems connected with this project, such as the legal basis on which to rest the establishment of the court; the financial implications of the project; the jurisdiction rationae temporis, materiae and personae of the court, and in particular its relation to existing international and domestic jurisdictions; and, last but not least, the logistical difficulties that such a court would encounter. The lecture was complemented by some critical comments given by two external experts, namely Bibi van Ginkel (Research Fellow, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism) and Kirsten Meersschaert (Director of Programs, Coalition for the International Criminal Court). A significantly high number of participants crowded the Institute’s facilities, and animated the debate that concluded the event.

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