Legal Aspects of EU External Relations: From the Conclusion of International Agreements to the external dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union

Published 1 July 2015

The first CLEER Graduate Workshop on selected issues of EU External Relations Law took place on 22 and 23 June in Brussels at the premises of the University of Maastricht – Campus Brussels. The event was addressed to a highly qualified audience made for the most part of PhD students specialising in EU external relations law. However, some civil servants and practitioners also attended. The workshop unfolded over two days, marking a logical continuity in its intense and intellectually challenging agenda. In the first day, presentations were delivered on EU external representation in international organisations and multilateral conferences as well as on negotiation and conclusion of international agreements. On the second day of the workshop the participants had the chance to explore EU economic and monetary governance, the internal dimension of EMU and its impact on external representation. These topics have become even more salient in the light of the looming Greek crisis. All sessions of the workshop were of a lively and interactive nature, given the high level of preparedness of both the presenters and participants, as well as the diversity of the backgrounds of participants.