Young Researchers in Barcelona

Published 22 September 2017

Asser researchers participate in the Young Researchers’ Workshop of the European International Studies Association last week. 

You are troublemakers!’ In this way, discussant Michelle Farrell (University of Liverpool) complimented the innovative and critical research approaches of nine international participants in the Young Researchers’ Workshop on The Significance of Obscured Practices and Subjects: Investigating Silences in Transnational Legal Spaces. The workshop was organized by Asser researcher Sofia Stolk and her co-organizer Renske Vos (VU Amsterdam) as a part of the annual European International Studies Association’s (EISA) Pan-European conference in Barcelona. Amongst the participants were Asser PhD candidates Lisa Roodenburg and Miha Marcenko, who presented their approach to studying human rights in the global city. The workshop theme invited for discussions on spaces and subjects in transnational law that are silence(d), obscured, or taken for granted such as cities, public galleries in courtrooms, homeless EU citizens and colonial histories of areal warfare. Participants talked about the methods, purposes and politics of studying and breaking silences. They explored alternative narratives about law and rights and discussed how to position oneself as a (young) researcher. In the words of discussant Markus Gunneflo (Lund University) the workshop opened up spaces for a more ‘heterodox transnational law’. According to the participants, it was a great experience to share different approaches to international legal topics in a room where ‘international law lives’, with people who ‘really care’. As such, the workshop provided the start of a great conversation and a call for an ongoing critical dialogue between these international researchers that hopefully continues at for example the Asser Institute.