European Sports Law - Collected Papers, 2nd ed.

Three Strategies for defending ‘Sporting Autonomy’:
Keynote Address by Professor Stephen Weatherill

On 10 April, the ASSER Sports Law Centre had the honour of welcoming Prof. Weatherill (Oxford University) for a thought-provoking lecture.

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In his lecture, Prof. Weatherill outlined to what extent the rules of Sports Governing Bodies enjoy legal autonomy (the so-called lex sportiva) and to what extent this autonomy could be limited by other fields of law such as EU Law. The 45 minutes long lecture lays out three main strategies used in different contexts (National, European or International) by the lex sportiva to secure its autonomy. The first strategy, "The contractual solution", relies on arbitration to escape the purview of national and European law. The second strategy, is to have recourse to “The legislative solution”, i.e. to use the medium of national legislations to impose lex sportiva's autonomy. The third and last strategy – “The interpretative or adjudicative solution”- relies on the use of interpretation in front of courts to secure an autonomous realm to the lex sportiva.

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Stephen Weatherill
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