NYIL Topic Vol. 48, 2017

The Editorial Board of the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law (NYIL) announces its topic for its 2017 (volume 48):

Shifting Forms and Levels of Cooperation in International Economic Law:
Structural Developments in Trade, Investment and Financial Regulation

International economic law – understood here as covering trade, investment and financial regulation – is confronted with a number of changes. Many of these changes are more general in the development of the international legal system and are not limited to international economic law. They include a proliferation of involved actors (including nonstate actors in particular), a proliferation of instruments (from international agreements to more informal law-making and non-legal commitments), a stronger influence of regulation (as a result of the need to agree on more standardization), a tension between global needs and regional or bilateral pragmatism (resulting in what has been termed ‘fragmentation’), but also an increasing awareness of the impact of international rules and agreements on individuals and on developing and least developed countries (leading to new views on democracy and legitimacy in international law).

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