Working Groups

Business and Human Rights Working Group - 20 March 2019

On March 20th, the Business and Human Rights Working Group of the NNHRR organised a workshop for PhD researchers in the business and human rights field, supported by the network. A total of four business and human rights-related PhD projects were presented and discussed by other PhDs and senior colleagues from the field. Ben Grama presented his PhD project on the privatisation of remedy and corporate-based grievance mechanisms. Casilda Zarauz discussed a chapter from her research on extraterritorial human rights protection of indigenous people in the context of the right to consultation. Daniela Heerdt presented her work on shared responsibility as part of her PhD project on the establishment of responsibility for human rights violations that occur in the context of organising and staging mega-sporting events. Finally, Philipp Wesche presented his draft article on violence against business and human rights-defenders in Columbia. All presenters received valuable feedback and comments to revise and improve their drafts to continue their PhD journey.