Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Reparations

The Working Group aims to create an integrated group of scholars, both  junior and senior members of the network that conduct research within the field of gross human rights violations, transitional justice, and reparations in the aftermath of mass victimization. The core goals of the Working Group are to connect members of the network by facilitating on a regular basis the exchange of knowledge, encourage collaboration between members, give each other feedback on work in progress, and keep each other updated about the latest developments in the field of study. We aim for an inter-disciplinary Working Group, which facilitates cooperation amongst scholars with various backgrounds (law, political science, psychology, etc.).

We are therefore looking for junior and senior members interested to join and contribute to our Working Group. If you are interested, please send in a short motivation letter to introduce yourself and elaborate on your area of expertise, as well interest in the Working Group (as member or coordinator). We will thereafter update the list of members and coordinators, and proceed with arrangements to have the first formal meeting of the Working Group.

For more information, please contact Alina Balta.

Working group members
Thijs Bouwknegt
Diana Odier-Contreras Garduno
Manon Bax (covenor)
Marola Vaes (convenor)

Alina Balta (convenor)
Mijke de Waardt