Adequate Dispute Settlement and Adjudication in International and European Law

The Adequate Dispute Settlement research strand is organised around inquiry into attributes of trustworthy dispute settlement in international adjudication. The courts and tribunals of The Hague and beyond aim to provide procedural and substantive fairness and predictability in the adjudication, arbitration and mediation of international conflicts—conflicts arising among an increasingly diverse range of parties, public and private, and concerning an increasingly diverse and contentious range of issues. In today’s global environment, inquiry into trustworthy legal practices brings together questions of technical detail and expertise with broader issues of context and reception. At Asser, on the basis of our diverse expertise in public and private international law, as well as transnational law and legal theory, we are uniquely well-situated in The Hague, global hub of international adjudication, to explore the many dimensions of adequate dispute settlement.

Dr. Geoff Gordon