Research Seminars 2018

  • 25 January: Anna Wójcik (visiting research fellow), “Coming to terms with Soviet and communist past. Memory laws and their human rights implications”.
  • 8 February: Enrico Partiti, “Trusting global value chains? Voluntary sustainability standards and human rights due diligence in trust-based transnational regulatory approaches”.
  • 22 February: Geoff Gordon, "New methods for researching institutions of international law".
  • 8 March: Rumyana Grozdanova (visiting research fellow), “Cyber Space: The ‘New’ Frontier for Counter-Terrorism, Human Dignity and Individual Identities”.
  • 10 April: Vesna Lazic, "Recent developments in European PIL and International Arbitration – CJEU and decisions of national courts", with the emphasis on the CJEU judgment of 6 March 2018 (Achmea).
  • 26 April: Jens Hillebrand Pohl (visiting research fellow), "Individual-rights screening of international investments".
  • 30 May: Maria Weimer (invited speaker), “Reconciling regulatory space with external accountability
    through WTO adjudication – Trade, environment and development”.
  • 14 June: Berenice Boutin, “Artificial Intelligence and International Law: Exploring Issues of Responsibility and Regulation”.
  • 21 June: Cornelia Furculita (Visiting research fellow),“A Complicated relationship between FTA and WTO DSMs: The case of Third Generation EU FTAs”.