Research Seminars 2019

  • 8 January: Dr. Maria Mälksoo, University of Kent, Brussels & Dr. Juan Pablo Scarfi, National University of San Martín, Buenos Aires and Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle 
    Topic: Comparative Outlook on the Governance of Historical Memory in Transitional Contexts: South America and Eastern Europe

  • 25 April: Prof. Craig Martin, Washburn University School of Law
    Topic: Challenging and refining the 'Unwilling or Unable' doctrine: A counterterrorism threat to Jus ad Bellum

  • 13 June: Prof. Marieke de Goede, University of Amsterdam and Ms. Esmé Bosma, University of Amsterdam
    Topic: Secrecy and method in Security studies

  • 19 June: Prof. David Levine, Elon University
    Topic: Information Law, Governance, and Security

  • 19 September: Dr. Giovanni Sileno, University of Amsterdam
    Topic: Artificial Intelligence and Law