Research Seminars 2020

  • 20 February: Dr Soyoung Lee (Jeju National University, Korea)
    Topic: The politics of regulating history denial in transnational memory space

  • 7 May: Dr Natasha Stamenkovikj
    Topic: The Truth in Times of Transitional Justice: The Council of Europe and the Former Yugoslavia

  • 11 JuneDr Badázs Bodó
    Topic: Mediated trust: a theoretical framework to address the trustworthiness of technological trust mediators

  • 1 October: Dr Cheryl Lawther
    Topic: Heroes and Hierarchies: The Celebration and Censure of Victimhood in Transitional Justice

  • 3 December: Dr Jason Beckett
    Topic: ART THOU PIL? Reflections on the Fragmentation of International Lawyers

  • 17 December: Dr Lys Kulamadayil
    Topic: Petróleos de Venezuela S.A and 1MDB – Two Case Studies to illustrate the state of transnational anti-money-laundering efforts