Dr Sadjad Soltanzadeh


  • Department:
    Research Department


Sadjad Soltanzadeh is a Postdoctoral researcher in ethics and philosophy of technology. Sadjad is working with the DILEMA project with the goal of understanding the legal, philosophical, and moral importance of human autonomy and human agency in the context of autonomous systems.

Sadjad has a multidisciplinary background and has experienced diverse workplace and academic environments in Iran, the Netherlands, and Australia. He has masters and Doctorate degrees in Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Technology. He is also a qualified and experienced Mechanical Engineer as well as a Secondary School teacher.

Sadjad has developed a novel philosophy of technology, named activity realism, for which he won the SPT2019 Early Career Award. In this philosophy, the study of different types of objects and systems should be preceded by the study of human activities. Sadjad is currently working on a manuscript where he outlines the details of his philosophy.

As an engineer, Sadjad has been involved in a number of projects, including designing and building robots at the ARAS robotic group, and collaborating in an interdisciplinary research group to investigate the dynamic behaviour of the human heart for fault diagnosis.

Sadjad has also worked as a secondary school teacher and contributed to other education-related projects. He has been involved in developing Curriculum for four philosophy courses at the College level with the ACT’s Board of Senior Secondary Studies.

Sadjad has been involved in other advisory roles and professional collaborations. Most noticeably, he collaborated with the Australian Institute of Sport and Netball Australia since 2013 until the end of 2020. This ongoing collaboration has resulted in athletic excellence as well as in academic papers and seminars. At the centre of this work lie questions of performance evaluation, player selection, player autonomy, and understanding the structure of team performance.