Prof. Dr Vesna Lazic

Senior researcher

  • Department:
    Research Department
  • Main field of interest: Alternative Dispute Resolution European Private International law International Commercial Arbitration Private International Law



  • International Commercial Arbitration 
  • International Civil Procedure
  • Private International Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • International Trade Law 



Selected Publications


Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: the Application of the New York Convention by national courts in the Netherlands

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Procedural Justice for Weaker Parties in Cross-border Litigation under the EU Regulatory Scheme

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The Revised Lis pendens rule in the Brussels Jurisdiction Regulation

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A European Framework for Private International Law: Current Gaps and Future Perspectives, Study requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs


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The Arbitration Exception in the Brussels Jurisdiction Regulation in the Light of the Judgment of the European Court of Justice

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Arbitrage en faillissement in internationaal perspectief

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Family Private International Law Issues before the European Court of Human Rights – Lessons to be Learned from Povse v. Austria in Revising the Brussels IIa Regulation and its Relevance for Future Abolition of Exequatur in the European Union

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